Dr. Anne-Marie Reed has joined Bayless Integrated Healthcare

Dr. Reed's new practice

Dr. Reed is now an employed physician of Bayless Integrated Healthcare  Her Office is:

 Bayless Integrated Health Care

3033 North Central Ave Suite 700

Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 230-7373

Bio-Identical hormone patients

For all Bio-Identical Hormone patients, especially those who are due or overdue for hormones, Dr. Reed is seeing and treating patients right now.   We have been reaching out to each patients individually, however if we missed you, please call Dr. Reed's new practice at (602) 230-7373.  You may also visit the website at www.baylesshealthcare.com

Patient administrative requests

  • Medication Refills are actively being handled by Bayless Integrated Healthcare.  Please call your pharmacy and have them fax or send electronically the refill request.  The fax number is (602) 296-7322
  • Medical Records Request are best handled through a HIPAA compliant form from your new provider or treating specialist.  If you are considering leaving our practice we hope that you will reconsider.  We love our patients.  Please have your physician or practice send request to via fax (602) 296-7322
  • Lab or Imaging Study Results will be handled as they come in.  Dr. Reed will review and call with results.  If your results have not been reviewed, please call Bayless Integrated Healthcare at              (602) 230-7373 to schedule an appointment.